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Mariages élégants

A unique wedding venue in South West France


Stunning venues

Ever dreamed of a wedding in one of the most beautiful regions of France? Here in the stunning Dordogne in South West France we are lucky to have the perfect combination of rolling countryside, vineyards and traditional stone buildings. Coupled with reliable weather, you have the perfect setting for a wedding....

The  properties La Colombière and Cottages de Garrigue are at your disposal.

About us

We're Eileen, Neil & Andy, and we're neighbours. We have run successful holiday accommodation businesses just 1km from each other for many years, and in 2017 we formalised our wedding offering into the beautiful experience we have today.


We pride ourselves on being friendly, social hosts that have worked in hospitality for decades. We offer a relaxed and stress-free service.

La Colombière is owned by Eileen.

Cottages de Garrigue is owned by Neil & Andy.

Cottages de Garrigue Eymet Dordogne Jose


Both Cottages de Garrigue and La Colombière have stylish rental accommodation. In total we can sleep 46 people. Cottages de Garrigue can sleep 16 across 3 houses. La Colombière can sleep 30 across 3 houses. Further accommodation is within an easy walk or drive.

Every house is self contained and on-site.

Bedouin wedding tents

We have 5 elegant, large tents for hire on or off-site. These traditional cream fabric and wood structures can be erected on any flat ground and offer perfect shade while keeping the feeling of being outdoors. The tents can accommodate 30-130 people.


Plan your day

We can help you build a package to suit your style and budget using experienced local suppliers. Or if you prefer, you can source your own suppliers planning every little detail of your wedding yourselves. Whichever you choose we are happy to advise in any way we can drawing on a wealth of knowledge built up over many years experience.

Wedding DJs

Neil and Andy are The Wholly Vinyl party DJs! Leaving London, they brought their 7,000+ record collection with them and continue to host fun parties here in France. From party pop to laid-back soul, there is something for everyone.



Beautiful food and wine in stunning surroundings. We are in the heart of the Bergerac wine region so it goes without saying that amazing wine is free-flowing. We have a range of catering options, from formal meals, to BBQs, to cheese & wine tasting and beyond. We have a great network of providers that we can discuss with you.

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